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Address: Hollybank, Off Grove Road, Stalybridge, Lancs, SK15 3BJ

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Anonymous gave Millbrook Medical Practice a rating of 1 stars


I have never once rang this surgery and got an appointment for when I need, I've been told most times the next available appointment is the following week! Yet every time you go in there's hardly any patients waiting. I find the receptionists very unhelpful and wouldn't recommend this surgery to anyone.

Visited in January 2015. Posted on 10 January 2015

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Millbrook Medical Practice replied on 21 January 2015

We are very sorry you have not been able to get a convenient appointment. The practice has been experiencing higher than usual demand over the past few weeks. However, please speak to the Practice Manager if you continue to have difficulty so that we can investigate further. We would especially appreciate your feedback if any of our receptionists have appeared unhelpful so that we can look at why you were made to feel that way and address the issue directly, in order to avoid this happening again and continue to improve our service to all patients.

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Debmac gave Millbrook Medical Practice a rating of 1 stars

Wait for appointments/misdiagnosis

Whilst the surgery is very local and the GP is very professional and courteous, I am generally forced to wait more than a week for an appointment.

I also have, in the past, had to pay privately for a Consultant to diagnose a chronic back condition. Admittedly this wasn't the fault of the GP but the Consultant who reported on an MRI scan incorrectly. My GP however ignored my opinion that the prognosis was incorrect and I had to pay £230 to see a consultant privately to ensure a correct diagnosis. Fortunately the consultant has now referred me for NHS treatment which is thankfully out of the Tameside area.

Visited in January 2015. Posted on 27 January 2015

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Anonymous gave Millbrook Medical Practice a rating of 5 stars

Child rash

Took my 3 year old girl to millbrook practice on the 7th nov 3.30pm with a sudden rash on her arms i was quite worried! The receptionist on duty was very welcoming and went to ask the doctor for advice anyway she was seen straight away,what a lovely doctor and proffesional! The doctor thoroughly checked her and took their time to question me about her rash etc whilst also keeping isla entertained! When we got home about an hour later the rash cleared,i gave her piritone which was fab! By far the best doctor around or at least iv come across.highly reccomended,keep up the good work and thank you.

Visited in November 2014. Posted on 07 November 2014

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Millbrook Medical Practice replied on 10 November 2014

We really appreciate your comments, thank you from all the team. We are very happy to hear that your little girl has recovered.

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Anonymous gave Millbrook Medical Practice a rating of 5 stars

Best Drs surgery by far!

I have nothing but praise for this surgery. They are the most thorough/professional Drs that we have ever dealt with.
We have had 3 previous Drs in Stalybridge/Mossley area over the last 15 years , the last surgery letting us down with a serious medical issue in a big way, causing us to loose all confidence in GP'S. Both doctors we have seen here have managed restore our confidence are the best doctors we have ever had by a mile. They are amazing with children, the surgery is relaxed, receptionists friendly, and most importantly they all have time to listen to you.
I would definitely recommend this surgery to anyone looking to register with a new Doctor's.

Visited in October 2014. Posted on 08 October 2014

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Millbrook Medical Practice replied on 09 October 2014

Thank you from all the team at Millbrook for your positive comments which are really appreciated.

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Sallie lewcock gave Millbrook Medical Practice a rating of 5 stars

Recent visit

I have been with this practice for over a year and have always been able to get an appointment within 48hours if needs be. The other week I completely forgot about a 8am appointment I rang at 845 to say and I was able to get another appointment for the same day with no problems.
I'm currently registering the rest of my family because I have been so impressed. The advice given by the GP's is generally very good although at times I have felt as if they have thought I have no knowledge about issues!!!!!!!!

Visited in September 2014. Posted on 17 November 2014

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Millbrook Medical Practice replied on 22 December 2014

Thank you for your feedback which is very much appreciated. It can be extremely difficult at this time of year to ensure that our access is meeting demand and we are working hard to try and achieve this. We will sometimes offer alternatives to patients for advice relating to minor ailments, such as pharmacy advice/NHS choices website etc. to relieve some of the pressure on GP appointments and we hope that this will help. Your comments regarding our GPs giving advice will be passed on. Thank you again and we hope you have a very Happy & Healthy Christmas and New Year

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Ryan Curtis gave Millbrook Medical Practice a rating of 3 stars

GP feedback

I was left to feel worthless, and deplorable. I came in with a serious problem and was told in not so many words to leave, with advice which was preposterous and made no sense whatsoever.

He made me feel inadequate.

Because of this I am leaving this surgery, shame as my other GP was helpful, along with all the other staff.

Visited in September 2014. Posted on 10 September 2014

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Millbrook Medical Practice replied on 10 September 2014

We are sorry you were made to feel this way. I believe you may have been seen by a Locum GP. If you would like to contact the surgery to discuss your situation or book with your usual GP we would be happy to assist.

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Anonymous gave Millbrook Medical Practice a rating of 5 stars


Having recently moved to the area I was worried about finding a new GP service. I had been with my old surgery for years and didn't enjoy the prospect of building relationships and explaining my medical history to strangers. I needn't have worried though, you see unluckily for me I had to make a number of appointmens in a short space of time and because of that, I imagine I have met/spoken to every member of staff based here and can honestly say that every one has been helpful, professional, warm and friendly.

The clean and modern building helps give a sense of being in 'good hands' in addition, the ease of getting an appointment in a timely manner (yes, I do mean the same day) adds to the belief your needs are being taken seriously - and I hope that this continues!

As you can probably tell, my experience at Millbrook Medical Practice have been very positive and I wish all the staff the very best and say thank you.

Visited in September 2014. Posted on 06 October 2014

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Millbrook Medical Practice replied on 07 October 2014

Thank you for your comments which are very much appreciated and will be passed on to all of our team here at Millbrook.

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Anonymous gave Millbrook Medical Practice a rating of 1 stars

This Practice has somewhat failed me

I have been coughing up blood for roughly two years. I have had panic attacks because I
could not breathe.

The surgery lost my sputum sample.... I was told it must have been 'lost in translation'. So I gave in another sample after waiting all that time for nothing. I was then told it had 'grown', which didn't surprise me.

I booked an appointment and the other GP showed little interest in what had been happening to me (coughing up blood, breathing problems, fatigue, sometimes out of breath, coughing violently which resulted in cracked ribs). I was told "We will refer you" and "If we don't refer you, you won't be happy", then finally it was thrown at me, "What do you think a respiratory specialist will do for you?" Obviously I could not answer such a rude and silly question, as I'm not a doctor.

We patients do not come to surgery with answers do we? (Point taken - it's my problem and not the GP's problem which explains the rude things said to me.) Still, it is quite shameful.

I will write to the manager quite soon which will use up some precious time of mine, although I shouldn't have to because a GP behaving like this should not happen.

I have lost confidence in this GP and will never go to them again. They upset me and spoke down to me, and it was totally unnecessary. GP's are getting paid far too much to behave this way towards patients who are ill.

This is not the first time I have been addressed rudely and in an arrogant way. This GP in particular seems to simply have a competitive manner, and it's not good enough.

Visited in June 2014. Posted on 30 July 2014

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Millbrook Medical Practice replied on 28 August 2014

We are sorry you do not feel confident to see your GP and would be happy to arrange a meeting to discuss this further if you so wish.

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Anonymous reviewed Millbrook Medical Practice

GP:Practice Comment

I had my very first ECG scan (heart) and regular blood tests were done. It was all very uninformative and unpleasant. The HCA was rushing around and came over as very nervous.

I wasn't told what the ECG would involve and they knew it was my first - they ended up counting down my ribs to find the right spot near my heart for a sticker to be placed, and doing this in a very heavy handed way which caused me some pain. I was too tolerant to say something.

The blood test was done again quite fast and furiously, and they went straight through the big vein in my arm with the needle. (I said I was nervous just before this test and I was spoken to in a dismissive way.) A couple of days later a dark purple bruise appeared on my arm (about an inch and a half) and worked its way up my arm gradually for about 11 days! I experienced some tenderness during this time. I have never seen this on my body following a blood test before, and must have had about a dozen blood tests done in the past.

I left my surgery feeling quite shaken and upset. Hopefully there is some way of training this person so that they act in a much more calm and professional way, which will make nervous patients feel as though they are in better/safer hands?

I should have put a stop to the entire appointment at the first little warning signs. For me (and also given distressing past experiences with the NHS), I think a chaperone every single time I attend for any sort of test is a must. That way at least the individual treating me has no choice but to 'think' before they act.

It suddenly becomes hard for me to trust those who work in the medical profession when they act in a way that comes over as abnormal, such as rushing around, acting nervous, being verbally dismissive or overpowering. It gives such an awful impression.

Visited in May 2014. Posted on 01 August 2014

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Millbrook Medical Practice replied on 28 August 2014

We are extremely sorry that you felt this way after your visit to the surgery. The Practice Manager or if you prefer other Healthcare professional is available to speak to you at any time about your experience if you would wish to contact the surgery personally at any time.

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Becca gave Millbrook Medical Practice a rating of 1 stars


After reading reviews i decided on this surgery as i moved into the area but have been disappointed/annoyed every visit. Firstly i have never waited less that 30mins (after my app time!) to see a doctor yet if i was late i wouldnt get in! And never mind other things i have to get to i once waited an hour in reception and i have an appointment! Doctors treat you like you are wasting their time. I went in after a miscarriage with a little list of questions i was told i cant deal with all that in an appointment you only get 5mins!! And at an emotional time i was devestated and felt so alone with no medical opinion to turn to. In a separate appointment my husband spend 30mins trying to fix the printer or i couldnt have my perscription! I will never recommend this doctors surgery.

Visited in March 2014. Posted on 24 April 2014

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Millbrook Medical Practice replied on 25 April 2014

We are extremely sorry to hear of your experience at Millbrook. All GP appointments are booked on 10 minutes slots and we encourage patients to book a double appointment where possible in order to allow more time, if they have more than one issue to discuss. It would help us greatly if you could contact the Practice Manager to discuss the matter so that we can investigate exactly what happened on the day of your visit and the reason for any delay.

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