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01895-233881 20 Pield Heath Road, Hillingdon, Middlesex , UB8 3NG

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Based on 9 ratings for this GP surgery

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1.5 out of 5 stars

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Based on 9 ratings for this GP surgery

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Adamdomm gave WEST LONDON MEDICAL CENTRE a rating of 1 stars

Sick note

I have called the surgery for the last 3 months for a sick note for 3 months because I cut my thumb off at work and need a sick note for work and everytime I call up the surgery they say someone will call me the next day and when I ask them to tell me my number they still have my old number when I have updated it on there system 3-4 times the doctors are the most useless doctors in the history of doctors surgerys

Visited in October 2016. Posted on 13 October 2016

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Adam Z gave WEST LONDON MEDICAL CENTRE a rating of 1 stars

stay away if there is any other then your GP

Ive had an appointment today 29/09/16 , For years i have been suffering what ive been told its IBS and i asked GP ( who replaced my usual as they were on holiday) to make get a test for lactose intolerance as i believe that might be part of my problem. I got told that they dont do tests and got given a leaflet to read. On the second page of that leaflet shows in black and white that NHS does do test to determine if someone is suffering with that problem. NHS Direct website says the same. What is the point of having someone there pretending to be a Doctor if only thing they can do is print leaflets??? i can do that at home . For 50-80 grand a year i can print a lot better leaflets with better English then that. They would be framed and presented with flowers. Waited a week just to waste my time and fuel. People like that i would not trust to clean medical waste let alone pretend that they treat people. I have called the surgery to request that GP to call me back so i could ask the explanation why they have lied, after hour and a half i got call back saying that i would have to book another appointment to be able to speak with them... what a waste of time.. GP's complain that they have only 10 minutes to see a patient and when im trying to free up time by asking for simple few minute phone call im being told i have to waste my time and fuel and possibly take time off work to go and see them in another weeks time , so they can sort out something that should have been done in the first place. I never want to see that GP again, i will wait for my doctor to come back so i can speak with them.

Visited in September 2016. Posted on 29 September 2016

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Anonymous gave WEST LONDON MEDICAL CENTRE a rating of 1 stars

Rude Staff

I went to the surgery yesterday for an appointment i waited a week for - to discuss acne on my chin. I have tried all over the counter creams and face washes etc. and nothing has helped. After it began to affect my mood i went to see my doctor who told me.......... "you can cover it with makeup" - what if i dont want to cover it with makeup?! what if it is uncomfortable and i want a solution. I was very taken aback and after what felt like a lifetime of umming and arring and telling me they're not convinced i have a problem they prescribed me a gel to try. My acne is under the skin and very painful so although it might not be highly visible to the doctor and can be covered with makeup i just feel that the whole appointment i felt uncomfortable and not respected. When i briefly mentioned an ongoing medical problem i have i was told "you should make another appointment to discuss another problem". Sorry but ive just waited a week for this one! This is not the first appointment where i have felt like the staff was rude etc. I registered at this doctors at the end of last year and the only reason i joined was because i moved house. Will definately be looking at other surgery options now.

Visited in May 2016. Posted on 27 May 2016

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WEST LONDON MEDICAL CENTRE replied on 23 June 2016

Dear Patient,
We are sorry for your experience at the surgery.
We have discussed this with the GP concerned and she confirms that you came to see her regarding the spots.
Her professional diagnosis was that of acne and you were given advice regarding this. She also gave you an antibiotic cream to try and she advised about over the counter medication and camouflaging with make up.
GP is sorry you felt uncomfortable and disrespected. This was certainly not the intention. Our patients concerns are taken very seriously and we regret that you disagree with the doctors opinion.
I regret you felt the need to write on a public website because you did not agree with the GP’s clinical advise.
GPs work under pressure seeing patients every 10 minutes and it is not always possible to address multiple issues in a 10 min appointment. If a GP spends more time with you listening to multiple issues, it will have a knock on effect in the waiting room, car park and cause inconvenience to other patients who may be late for their other commitments. You wanted to discuss your weight and GP advised to book another appointment so that a considered opinion can be given on how to help you to lose weight.
I am very sorry to hear about any perceived rudeness from staff and if you can ring me with any specific incidents I can investigate. Our hardworking members of staff are trained to be polite and courteous with our patients at all times .
Please ring me to discuss this further and I am happy to meet up with you listen to your concerns.
Yvonne Blowfield : Practice Manager

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Anonymous gave WEST LONDON MEDICAL CENTRE a rating of 1 stars

Receptionist staff Lack of communication

Over many years I have suffered uncomfortable stomach pains which grew worse over the last year. I persisted for a blood test which they initially tried to talk me out of. I also told them what I wanted to be tested for, after having to do my own research (?!!)
The results came back as positive for Coeliac Disease, which I believe I have had since adolescence from research conducted.
They then sent me for a biopsy in the small intestine and told me the results will come back in one month. I rang in 6 weeks as i didnt hear anything. I spoke to 2 different receptionists across 2 days as neither of them knew what i was talking about when i rang for my biopsy results. They just kept saying to me "your blood test results came back already and confirmed you have Coeliac Disease" which they couldn't even pronounce.

After my chasing and frustration with the incompetent receptionists, someone finally rang me back and told me my results for the biopsy came back as positive. Also, the results had come back within a week of my biopsy, but as no one informed me this information came to me 2 months late.

I could write further issues i have had with the Doctors at this surgery but i will be here all day.
It appears that nowadays you have to diagnose yourself as you have to do your research and tell them what you want! I will now be registering with a new doctor and potentially go private.

I never write reviews as i never have the time but i had to spare the time to write about how poor the service, care and knowledge at this practice is.

Visited in February 2016. Posted on 11 April 2016

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WEST LONDON MEDICAL CENTRE replied on 15 April 2016

You saw the doctor on 4th of September 2015 to discuss your abdominal symptoms for the 1st time and the Doctor gave you a blood form. The blood test results were received by the Practice in November 2015 following which you were offered an appointment with the GP. On 16.11.2015 you saw the GP who explicitly told you that you have coeliac disease. It was explained to you that it was a standard procedure to refer patients for specialist gastroenterologist and given a choose and book appointment to see a specialist. You left the consulting room with a fixed time and date of the appointment that the GP booked while you were in the consulting room. The GP also gave you diet advice.
When we refer patients to hospital they investigate patients and see in OPD to discuss the outcome of any investigations, in your case endoscopy and biopsy of intestine. The GP did not tell you that you will have the results within a month and if anyone did tell you this, it may be the hospital specialist who did the test. This histology report would have gone to the consultant in charge who would have informed you of the results during the ‘post endoscopy’ consultation. Your endoscopy and biopsy were done in December 2015. At our end we knew you had coeliac disease based on blood test results and you had been notified about this during the consultation on 16th November 2015.
We have no capacity to inform every patient about test results which hospitals are obliged to inform them as part of their management. If we start doing that we will not have the time to see patients with new undiagnosed problems.
Following your call, the secretary rang the hospital on 24.2.2016 and reminded that you had not had a follow up appointment and we were told you will be seen in the beginning of April 2016.
From our part we have investigated you without delay and made a prompt referral to the specialist. We note you took 2 months to do the blood test when the first doctor gave you the blood test form but since we received the blood tests results on 4th of November 2015 you were seen and given the diagnosis on 16th November 2015 and on the same day the GP booked an appointment to see the specialist for 2nd December 2015. We believe you had the procedure on 23rd of December 2015. We are sorry to learn you had delays in Hospital contacting you for a follow up appointment and you may raise this directly with hospital.
Our receptionists are lay people and we are sorry they could not pronounce ‘Coeliac disease’ to your satisfaction. Be assured they are always willing to help and assist you in every possible way.
The easiest thing to do if you raise any other concerns will be to contact me directly and I will be happy to assist you. We are sorry that you have decided to leave us but we will be doing our utmost to care for the rest of your family members to the best of our ability.
Yvonne Blowfield : Practice Manager

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Anonymous gave WEST LONDON MEDICAL CENTRE a rating of 2 stars

Absolute misery!

1.Went to the surgery as a routine check for my Urticaria, and was told that they would recommend a private Dermatologist if I had private insurance!! They also said that this was because the NHS was quite backed up and I wouldn't receive any treatment in the very foreseeable future!
2.Faced issues where my son was put on a treatment to eradicate problems of eczema but suddenly the treatment was stopped without even seeing whether the problem was resolved.
3.Subsequent interactions have all been quite bad with the attitude bordering on profiling where we as patients are being singled out.

Several emails to the Practice Manager didn't result in any actions. Have written to the CQC and awaiting some response.

Visited in November 2015. Posted on 15 January 2016

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Vijaya Raghava reviewed WEST LONDON MEDICAL CENTRE

This is what can happen to you if you badly need your GP!!!!

Dear All,

I just wanted to share and let you know that this is what can happen to you if you are helplessly dependent on this GP!

Called this GP reception on 24th July 2015 on 01895233881 at 9:00 AM, booked an appointment on 03-Aug-2015 at 8:40 AM, turn up for teh appointment and try to check in at NHS, you wont be available on their system, go ask the Reception, and they give you a gentle smile and say something funny happening with our systems, we can give you an appointment next week. Let me wait and see if they have any curtousey to make my appointment next on 11th Aug 2015 at 6:30 PM!

Please Note - You no more get messages or any confirmation from NHS to prove you made a call and got this appointment. This is all verbal. They can decide on whom they wish to see and whom not!

What a Pain if you badly needed to meet and you are obliged to work regular hours where you cant take permissions to suit this GP when they miss their appointments??? Pain in the Back!!!

Vijaya Raghava

Visited in August 2015. Posted on 03 August 2015

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WEST LONDON MEDICAL CENTRE replied on 03 August 2015

I am sorry there was a mix up with your appointment this morning.

Unfortunately it is impossible to confirm why this could have happened, when checking we did not have an appointment for you at 9am this morning on our computer system.

The receptionist did offer you an appointment at 9.40am this morning to try and help but unfortunately you could not wait.

You then asked for an appointment after work one day and we gave an appointment at 6.30pm on 11 August which was the soonest appointment we could offer in a late clinic.

I note your comments about “this is all verbal” and not receiving “confirmation from NHS to prove you made a call”, unfortunately when appointments are made on the telephone there is no system for confirming the appointment made. To make things easier for you, you can register for online bookings so that you can book online in future. Please contact the Surgery for details of how to do this.

Please accept my apologies and do not hesitate to contact me at the Practice if you wish to discuss this further.

Yvonne Blowfield : Practice Manager

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Laszlo Takacs gave WEST LONDON MEDICAL CENTRE a rating of 1 stars

New baby registration

I asked the process about the new registration for my new born son over the phone and went to the GP the next day with all the documents they need. The reception staff gave me the forms to fill in, never asked whether I have everything with me just started to close the window. I asked if it is possible to fill and give back straight away and the simple and rude answer was "it is not the right time now". It was 10:48 Wednesday.

Copy from the home page:
"We accept the registration forms and supporting documents only from 11am-12 (Mon-Fri)"

You can imagine I would have needed 5-10 minutes to complete the forms and there we go it is nearly 11 am. A simple "just fill the forms and I can take it in a few minutes" could have been perfect for me.

I am absolutely disgusted with the rudeness and carelessness of the reception staff and really thinking of leaving the GP.

Laszlo Takacs

Visited in May 2015. Posted on 20 May 2015

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Moh gave WEST LONDON MEDICAL CENTRE a rating of 1 stars

No available appointments! Can see you in 8 to 10 days!

Reading other patients (so many negative) comments, I can truly relate to the most common ones.
The main one is getting an appointment with this surgery. Everyone seem to mention they were told to come in 8-10 days. I called this morning (07/01/2015) for an appointment and was told to come on 15/01/2015.
This is a local GP surgery not a shop delivering a fridge to me house! My health might not wait this long. I don't understand the logic, is my health so unimportant that I have to wait for it to completely deteriorate so I can call for emergency appointment or go to A&E?!? Also, It's so true, the receptionist did advised me to go to A&E too. Every day in the news I hear that the government is asking patients not to go to A&E & to visit the local GP yet the local GP surgery telling me to go to A&E. This is a vicious circle!
The receptionist did also suggest I can request an emergency appointment but correct me if I'm wrong, wouldn't this just add to the delay; other patients already having?
The other issue is working hours, 8am - 6pm for 4 days, one half day & no weekends. Again, this is a local GP surgery not a shop, even shops now cater for the majority of public who work at these hours and open for longer hours and the weekends. I appreciate that the surgery is not operated by robots and surgery staff also have the right to reasonable working hours but what alternatives do I have?!? What kind of system is this that runs a surgery at hours not useable to the majority?!?
I have to say though, I haven't had a bad experience with any of the staff and they all seems to be polite and professional and when requested, was given emergency appointment after a short while but I simply cannot put my health (I suffer from bronchitis) in the hand of a surgery that is constantly unavailable... so good luck but I have to look for some other GP surgery.

Visited in January 2015. Posted on 07 January 2015

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Anonymous gave WEST LONDON MEDICAL CENTRE a rating of 5 stars

Invaluable Service

One of the receptionists took the time and trouble to phone me this morning regarding my prescription renewal. This is typical.

As a patient attending the West London Medical Centre for many years, I have always received outstanding service from all the reception staff, practice nurses and doctors.

The doctor is nothing short of brilliant. They and their colleagues have always taken the time to listen attentively, carry out thorough examinations and patiently list the optional courses of action available.

When another superb professional retired years ago, I was initially concerned about the future.

But the doctor has worked wonders. As well as the usual walk-in clinics, they do everything in their, power to encourage folk to break the smoking habit, adopt healthy lifestyles in general and even organises health promoting walks. A glance at the website reveals the wealth of medical services on offer.

In short, the doctor - together with all his colleagues at the West London Medical Centre - provides an invaluable service, a priceless support underpinning the local community.


Visited in December 2014. Posted on 22 January 2015

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Incompetent!/ desperate need of a fix up in all departments!

From the start this centre has never made any good impact whatsoever on me. I see people coming in and out disgruntled by the service they receive. The staff here provide innaccurate informatikn regarding appointments, prescriptions, scans, tests, you name it. You're told something, only later to be told something else by another person. There is a severe lack of communication between the staff and that's only the start of it's problems. I wouldn't in a lifetime recommend this centre to anyone and i would without hesitation seriously refer this place to an inspection from the care quality commission as this centre has been getting away with awful treatment and practices for far too long.

Visited in September 2014. Posted on 01 December 2014

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WEST LONDON MEDICAL CENTRE replied on 04 December 2014

We have noted your comment which is the same as the email you sent to the Practice email yesterday.

We have identified you from your email and it would appear that you are not a patient at this Practice.

If you still think this is the correct Practice can I please ask you to contact me because we do not feel we have any problems here that correspond with your comments.

Yvonne Blowfield : Practice Manager

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