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1.5 out of 5 stars

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Based on 16 ratings for this GP surgery

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Moh gave WEST LONDON MEDICAL CENTRE a rating of 1 stars

No available appointments! Can see you in 8 to 10 days!

Reading other patients (so many negative) comments, I can truly relate to the most common ones.
The main one is getting an appointment with this surgery. Everyone seem to mention they were told to come in 8-10 days. I called this morning (07/01/2015) for an appointment and was told to come on 15/01/2015.
This is a local GP surgery not a shop delivering a fridge to me house! My health might not wait this long. I don't understand the logic, is my health so unimportant that I have to wait for it to completely deteriorate so I can call for emergency appointment or go to A&E?!? Also, It's so true, the receptionist did advised me to go to A&E too. Every day in the news I hear that the government is asking patients not to go to A&E & to visit the local GP yet the local GP surgery telling me to go to A&E. This is a vicious circle!
The receptionist did also suggest I can request an emergency appointment but correct me if I'm wrong, wouldn't this just add to the delay; other patients already having?
The other issue is working hours, 8am - 6pm for 4 days, one half day & no weekends. Again, this is a local GP surgery not a shop, even shops now cater for the majority of public who work at these hours and open for longer hours and the weekends. I appreciate that the surgery is not operated by robots and surgery staff also have the right to reasonable working hours but what alternatives do I have?!? What kind of system is this that runs a surgery at hours not useable to the majority?!?
I have to say though, I haven't had a bad experience with any of the staff and they all seems to be polite and professional and when requested, was given emergency appointment after a short while but I simply cannot put my health (I suffer from bronchitis) in the hand of a surgery that is constantly unavailable... so good luck but I have to look for some other GP surgery.

Visited in January 2015. Posted on 07 January 2015

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Anonymous gave WEST LONDON MEDICAL CENTRE a rating of 5 stars

Invaluable Service

One of the receptionists took the time and trouble to phone me this morning regarding my prescription renewal. This is typical.

As a patient attending the West London Medical Centre for many years, I have always received outstanding service from all the reception staff, practice nurses and doctors.

The doctor is nothing short of brilliant. They and their colleagues have always taken the time to listen attentively, carry out thorough examinations and patiently list the optional courses of action available.

When another superb professional retired years ago, I was initially concerned about the future.

But the doctor has worked wonders. As well as the usual walk-in clinics, they do everything in their, power to encourage folk to break the smoking habit, adopt healthy lifestyles in general and even organises health promoting walks. A glance at the website reveals the wealth of medical services on offer.

In short, the doctor - together with all his colleagues at the West London Medical Centre - provides an invaluable service, a priceless support underpinning the local community.


Visited in December 2014. Posted on 22 January 2015

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Incompetent!/ desperate need of a fix up in all departments!

From the start this centre has never made any good impact whatsoever on me. I see people coming in and out disgruntled by the service they receive. The staff here provide innaccurate informatikn regarding appointments, prescriptions, scans, tests, you name it. You're told something, only later to be told something else by another person. There is a severe lack of communication between the staff and that's only the start of it's problems. I wouldn't in a lifetime recommend this centre to anyone and i would without hesitation seriously refer this place to an inspection from the care quality commission as this centre has been getting away with awful treatment and practices for far too long.

Visited in September 2014. Posted on 01 December 2014

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WEST LONDON MEDICAL CENTRE replied on 04 December 2014

We have noted your comment which is the same as the email you sent to the Practice email yesterday.

We have identified you from your email and it would appear that you are not a patient at this Practice.

If you still think this is the correct Practice can I please ask you to contact me because we do not feel we have any problems here that correspond with your comments.

Yvonne Blowfield : Practice Manager

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Registration issue

i just want to write down about my registration issue.i went to registration myself,because my wife and son is registered there.But they refused me to register because of passport, because my passport is in home office for renew my visa,that is not a reasonable .After that i am really feeling homeless.its ridiculous i am feeling very low.i dont know where to go for my treatment.

Visited in June 2014. Posted on 03 July 2014

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WEST LONDON MEDICAL CENTRE replied on 07 August 2014

I have spoken to all members of staff and nobody has any recollection of meeting you. We do have a new patient registration policy that is applied uniformly to all patients without discrimination. If a patient is not able to meet the standard documentation requirements for registration they are referred to me and you were not referred for my assistance.

If you think we are the Practice where you had difficulty in registering with, then please call 01895 233881 and ask to speak to me .

Yvonne Blowfield
Senior Practice Administrator

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Anonymous gave WEST LONDON MEDICAL CENTRE a rating of 1 stars

Not as good as they once were

I have been at this surgery for three years, am a health care professional myself. I have several issues with this surgery.

The first of which is that it would frustrate me that there was a two hour gap in the middle of the day when the telephone service to the GP was suspended. As most people work 9-5, this middle portion of the day is when most people have their lunch break and are able to call the surgery, I realise that the staff need to have appropriate comfort breaks but they should be overlapped and so at least one person is still able to man the reception. In this day and age, this is completely ridiculous and would be expected of a small village practice, not an inner city busy modern practice.

I have currently started having an ongoing medical problem and have had approximately 4-5 appointments, each of these has been with a different GP meaning that I need to repeat the whole history of the medical problem and history of treatment and where we're upto with it with each of them, which aside from being annoying is actually very draining.

When trying to gain an appointment, having explained that my medications were running out, they were unable to give me an appointment for 8 days. Once my medications had actually ran out, whilst knowing this, the receptionists still took 4 days to process a prescription request despite asking for it urgently, they also refused to have a conversation about it over the phone and insisted on me emailing them, to which they didn't reply.

I have recently moved house and requested to stay with the surgery as they have been dealing with my current medical problem and it wouldn't make sense for another surgery to take it on, I asked the receptionist upon completing the 'change of address' form that someone call me to inform me if they would be unable to continue my care, to which they laughed and said of course they would call me. 10 days letter I had a letter from Primary Care Support Service advising that my GP had informed them that they would not continue care and that I needed to find another surgery or I would be unregistered. This was completely inappropriate. If they were not going to continue my care, they should inform me first not the health authority, particularly given that I specifically asked the question. It makes you seem like a number to this surgery and not a patient.

When I first joined the surgery it was a much smaller practice and I was very happy with the care there, I persistently saw the same doctor making the patient experience much better, since they have expanded, the service has rapidly gone downhill. I hope this surgery quickly realises this and does something about it, but I fear it isn't and won't. In its current state, I would not recommend this practice.

Visited in May 2014. Posted on 05 June 2014

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WEST LONDON MEDICAL CENTRE replied on 14 July 2014

I wish to comment as I am able to identify you

We close for lunch 12.30-2 because this is an opportunity for clinical staff to catch up on outstanding tasks from the morning & pass messages to the afternoon staff. Staff use this time to complete any admin duties from the morning & handover to afternoon staff. It is not uncommon for GP Surgeries to have a break

I understand the frustration seeing different Doctors but this prevents unacceptable waiting when your usual GP is booked but all Doctors have your records on computer. As the practice list grows we need more doctors

You say when explaining you were running out of medication you had to wait 8 days for an appointment, normally this type of request would be referred to Principal GP for advice & you would be given an emergency appointment or emergency prescription until we could offer an appointment

Our staff are instructed not to accept prescription requests verbally this is to prevent errors occurring

We asked you to email the request and we responded within 2 hours. We noted you attended Urgent care centre for medication before we responded

It is Practice Procedure to advise patients moving out of our catchment area to register with a local Doctor to continue services close to home. It is sometimes undesirable to move surgeries but your new GP will receive all your records & your care continues uninterrupted

I wrote to you on 3 June advising you register with a local GP as you had moved out of our catchment area. We write to patients as a courtesy when moving out of our catchment area advising them to register with local GP

I have spoken to staff & have been informed that nobody laughed at you

I understand you are unhappy with our Surgery but pleased you wished to stay when you moved

When you joined in 2010 we had 3,350 patients & now have 4,200,we have relocated to larger premises with more staff & consulting rooms therefore the service should be as efficient as when we were a smaller Practice

We do advise patients to keep a close check on medications & not wait until they run out before reordering

You would have received a standard response to your email of 8 May, your email request was reviewed & script was printed on the following day.We note you attended the urgent care centre before we responded to your email on 8 May to request medication

We intend to review our standard response to accommodate patients who have inadvertently run out of medication

According to your records it would appear your previous encounters with the Practice have been OK we noted you called on 7 April requesting to be seen & were given an appointment the same morning

Our routine appointments can sometimes mean a wait but as experienced on 7 April emergencies are usually dealt with on the same day

I am sorry that you put your comments online without speaking to me first as we have a complaints procedure in place to address patient concerns and learn from patient experiences

Yvonne Blowfield
Snr Practice Administrator

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Anonymous gave WEST LONDON MEDICAL CENTRE a rating of 2 stars

Far from great

This was an extremely difficult practice to register with- they insisted I bring my young child with me in person, then didn't even ask to see him (childcare re-arranged etc) .
Very difficult to get an appointment, even for my child- often told as not an emergency have to have a routine appointment (usually at least an 8-10 day wait).

I haven't had the best experience with reception, quite rude and hidden away in their fortress with the window hatch closed, luckily I do not normally need them but I see (many) people being ignored.

When you do see the GP (it can feel like an epic battle of wills) they are quite pleasant- fast, a little reminiscent of a cattle line but you leave relatively happy.

I'm sure this is not the worst practice, but the front of house team (at least) could benefit from some customer service training.

Visited in March 2014. Posted on 07 May 2014

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Anonymous gave WEST LONDON MEDICAL CENTRE a rating of 1 stars

Extremely poor service - register elsewhere!

I have been registered with the practise for a few years now and would not recommend it at all. I have never been able to get an appointment without a 7-10 day wait which is completely unacceptable. The receptionists are brusque and at times quite rude, some of the staff have very poor spoken English. They also advise people to "just go to A&E if you want to be seen sooner than a week's time which is ridiculous and totally inappropriate. A&E is not a walk in GP service and should not be used as such. I have found the medical knowledge of the doctors quite shaky at times. Overall, extremely poor service and I would not recommend at all.

Visited in February 2014. Posted on 31 March 2014

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Anonymous gave WEST LONDON MEDICAL CENTRE a rating of 1 stars

Rude Staff

This GP gets through a number of staff, I think the ones that stay are taught to be as rude to patients as they can. When you approach the reception desk, you are totally ignored, despite the face that the receptionist has looked at you, then turns away and goes off to do something else and leaves you standing there. This has happened to me and my husband on a number of occasions when we have gone in to collect prescriptions. The glass partition is kept closed and patients are ignored, even if there is a queue forming. The Dr has forgotten to send referrals and emails that I have sent them have been lost or overlooked.

I feel they need to review the staff they take on, and give them basic training on how to deal with patients and emails.

Visited in January 2014. Posted on 07 March 2014

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Anonymous gave WEST LONDON MEDICAL CENTRE a rating of 1 stars

Where are the doctors with the right attitude to patients?

My family and I are registered at the clinic for over 7 years but the year 2013 is the last. I've never been happy with the staff, the receptionists never smile to patients, they can not do nothing without the consent of the owner, absolutely nothing.
I even got the impression that if someone from the staff is nice, smiling and helpful, quickly loses their job in this facility.
In previous years, I had a few unpleasant visits to the GP, after which I had a feeling of frustration. A common advice for treatment was quoted: "When you go to your country, you have to visit a doctor there." !? I live and work in England, why do I have to fly abroad to the doctors?
From day one, I had the feeling that I am not treated seriously, and already certainly not as an individual patient, just as another grumpy patient who needs to be settled for another 10 minutes.
Many of these and other situations that could be described here but what scares me the most in this facility is the fact that it resembles a funeral home and the administrations of patients, not the clinic with helpful and friendly staff.
A few months ago I had a panic attack caused by symptoms that I found when I went for help I was seen by a doctor who showered me the names of any disease and without emotional approach to my person. They did not even asked about the attack and my emotional state, at my request on the merits of medication for sedation, even I did not get any reply.
I live in a big stress and afraid of the fall into depression and I know that I need to escape from the surgery as soon as possible, I record myself and the rest of the family to another where people work with a human approach and understanding.

Visited in December 2013. Posted on 27 December 2013

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earlyhigh gave WEST LONDON MEDICAL CENTRE a rating of 1 stars

Lies about appointments times - horrible surgery and staff

Me and my family (including my 2 year old daughter) always are forced to wait lengthy times despite being given certain appointment times which this surgery refuses to keep as it seems to have little or no respect or regards for their patients health.

Personally speaking, as a working man who finds it difficult to get time off work, I find this type of unprofessionalism completely unacceptable. I am asthmatic as well in my 40's with certain health problem care requirements - I truly cannot afford to be mistreated by my GP's surgery.

Visited in July 2013. Posted on 24 July 2013

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WEST LONDON MEDICAL CENTRE replied on 02 August 2013

We are very sorry to learn you have been experiencing delays. Let us reassure you first we don’t lie about appointment times. We give appointments at 10 minute intervals which is standard in General Practice. The Nurse is given 20minutes for certain conditions, in fact, you had a 20 minute appointment with the Nurse on that day . We try very hard to keep to set appointment times and usually this is possible although sometimes there are inevitably unavoidable delays. On occasions the Doctors or Nurses may have a patient that needs more than the standard 10 minutes. Clinicians may come across a patient with bereavement or one who has complex issues. Occasionally doctors have to refer patients to the Hospital and contacting a Hospital Duty Doctor to discuss this can take lots of time as well. The Nurses also have to approach the Doctor for advice from time to time and this can also take more time. There may be a time when you or a member of your family require extra time with a Nurse or Doctor and I am sure you would appreciate the extra care in such circumstances and this would then lead to other patients appointments being delayed.

I have investigated the incident and the nurse had a few challenging patients on that day who required more time than the usual 10 minutes. However, my investigation also reveals that you came to the reception desk and swore at the female receptionist before leaving after 20 minutes of waiting. You have no right to swear at our staff because you had to wait for more than 20 minutes. We have a zero tolerance policy .We have the responsibility of protecting our staff from abusive behaviour. We will enact the practice policy regarding this.

Yvonne Blowfield : Senior Practice Administrator

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