Out of Hours Emergency Dental Service

Telephone: * 0845 3458995
Address: Manzil Way, East Oxford Dental Clinic, Cowley, Oxfordshire, OX4 1XD
Website: Website address not added

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Last verified on 11/12/2013

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NHS patients accepted

  • Fee-paying adults 
  • Charge-exempt adults 
  • Children aged 0-18 years 
  • Provides urgent dental access slots 
  • Only by referral from a dental practitioner 
  • Only by referral by the PCT 

Last verified on 27/08/2013

Latest reviews of this dentist

Not available anymore

Very helpful when you call 111 and get told to just try all the dentists in the area, they brush you off with telling you to call this nu...

26 November 2014


Our 7 year old daughter split and chipped her front adult tooth. We received a call back within 1 hour and had an emergency appointment t...

19 October 2014

Emergency root treatment

I made an emergency appointment because of bad tooth ache for over a week. I had an infected tooth. I normally hate going to the dentists...

27 July 2014

Why is it called out of hours emergency?

I rang on behalf of my son who is in extreme agony after breaking a tooth - he is taking pain killers to no effect. After getting a ca...

13 July 2014

Great service and glad it exists for those tooth ache times

(2 weeks ago) I had severe tooth ache after my usual dentist had re-dressed a broken tooth 2 days prior, ready to be prepped for a roo...

13 June 2014

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