Clock Tower Dental Practice

Telephone: * 0844 3879901
Address: 10 New North Road, Exeter, EX4 4HF

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Saturday Closed
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Additional information

OUT OF HOURS DENTAL SERVICE The out of hours service is available for patients with urgent dental needs on Mon-Fri 18.00-22.30, Sat-Sun 08.00–22.30 & Bank holidays 08.00–22.30. Patients should call 01392 823682. After 22.30 details of patients calls will be recorded and they will be contacted after 8am the next day. If patients are unable to wait until this time, they should contact NHS Direct on 0845 46 47. Patients should attend their nearest Accident & Emergency department if they are experiencing swelling affecting their breathing or severe trauma for immediate care. TO FIND YOUR LOCAL NHS DENTIST PLEASE CALL: 0845 002 0034 or 01392 822348. Alternatively you can email

Last verified on 06/02/2014

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NHS patients who can use this practice

  • Fee-paying adults 
  • Charge-exempt adults 
  • Children aged 0-18 years 
  • Urgent dental care patients 
  • Only by referral from a dental practitioner 

Last verified on 24/11/2014

Latest reviews of this dentist

Why wont you answer your phone

I have tried to call several hundred times now after 2pm when you have finished your lunch break and no answer or continuos ringing or yo...

2 June 2015


iv now tired to make an appointment twice and in total I've waitied 40 minutes if not longer, I still haven't managed to make an appointm...

1 June 2015

Call waiting time

The phone number to ring the surgery is chargeable and I was kept on hold for 20 mins i think this is disgusting for a dental practice an...

1 June 2015

Poor Quality Customer Service

I have been trying to call Clock Tower Dental Practise this morning, the first time I waited for over 20 minutes and the second time over...

22 May 2015

A previously terrified patient!!

I cannot praise this surgery enough! I was terrified and in pain a year ago and made an appointment out of agony and sheer desperation, h...

23 April 2015

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