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Alcohol addiction - support for family and friends: Hawkspring

Contact Telephone Number: 0117 964 2859

Fax number:
0117 978 4240

Address: Symes Community Building, Peterson Avenue, Hartcliffe, Bristol, Gloucestershire, BS13 0BE

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Service details
Hawkspring offer a range of services to anyone who is affected by drug and alcohol misuse. Whether you are a person struggling with an addiction, a family member concerned or a child who is affected by a parent's substance misuse, they have services to help.

Recovery Support Service -
for anyone aged 18 or over and who is misusing drugs and/or alcohol

Young Peoples Service -
for children and young people aged 5-16 who are affected by parental substance misuse

Carers Support Service -
for any family member, friend or carer aged 18+ who is affected by the drug or alcohol misuse of a loved one
Opening times
Monday to Friday 9am - 5pm
Catchment area
South Bristol
Referral method
The service is open access - people self-refer or come to us through GP referrals and other specialist organisations.

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