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Get NHS and social care transparency data

This section of NHS Choices lets you get the data used by both the NHS and local councils - which provide social care - to monitor the performance and shape the services they run.

Anyone can have this information, and we hope people will use it to help them scrutinise services, challenge them to improve and hold them to account.

We will be building up the data over time but there is already plenty to explore, including data showing the outcomes for adults using local authority funded care and support.

The information you can find

Healthcare data
NHS data covers topics such as:

  1. Patient experience
  2. Patient safety
  3. Patient outcomes

Social care data
Social care data covers four broad themes:

  1. Enhancing quality of life for people with care and support needs
  2. Delaying and reducing the need for care and support
  3. Ensuring that people have a positive experience of care and support
  4. Safeguarding adults whose circumstances make them vulnerable and protecting them from avoidable harm

How the data is displayed

We display indicators in a range of ways. Some are given as rates, some as percentages. Where possible we show performance as relatively worse, better or average.

Each indicator has an information sheet explaining how it is calculated, the period it covers, and issues around how you interpret it.

Adult Social Care Outcomes

This table show the measures and national averages for the Adult Social Care Outcomes measures for 2012/13.
Measure National Average Score
Social care related quality of life 18.8 points out of 24
Service users with control over their daily life


People receiving self-directed support


People receiving direct payments


Carer-reported quality of life 8.1 points out of 12
Adults with learning disabilities in employment


Adults in contact with mental health services who are in paid employment


Adults with learning disabilities in stable accommodation


Adults in contact with mental health services who are in stable accommodation


Permanent admissions to care homes: people aged 18 to 64 15.0 per 100,000 people
Permanent admissions to care homes: people aged 65 and over 697.2 per 100,000 people
Older people at home 91 days after leaving hospital into reablement


Older people receiving reablement services after leaving hospital


Delayed transfers of care 9.4 per 100,000 people
Delayed transfers of care attributable to social services 3.2 per 100,000 people
Client satisfaction with care and support


Carer satisfaction with social services


Carers included or consulted in decisions


People who use services and carers who find it easy to get information


People who use services and feel safe


People who say the services they use make them feel safe and secure



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Download this data and take away the raw data. You can reuse it under the Open Government License. Or alternatively use the search tool to find what you are interested in and download a subset.

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This area is under continual development to make it simple to use and easy to understand. We welcome your support, so please email us at to suggest any improvements or provide any feedback.


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