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You can help build better, more responsive, health and social care services – but to do so you need information about the performance of those services, and the challenges they face.

This section of NHS Choices aims to let you get the data that ‘the system’ uses to monitor and shape the services it provides. This information is open to everyone, but it may be especially useful to members of the public already involved in examining services and challenging them to improve. You might be a member of a local Healthwatch group, a councillor or perhaps a campaigner interested in care for a particular condition.

We will cover a wide range of organisations, including GPs, hospitals, local authorities and clinical commissioning groups. We’ll be building up the database over time but there is already plenty to explore. See the panel on the right for details of just one of the highlights of the launch database. When looking at these indicators, it is important to consider the context in which services operate. Local knowledge of the services can help here. It is also generally a good idea to consider a range of indicators together – in order to get a fuller picture of performance.

If you want to choose a hospital or general practice please use our service-finder.

What do we publish?

We publish a diverse range of data that covers topics such as:

  • Patient experience
  • Patient safety
  • Patient outcomes

This data is the most up-to-date available in the NHS. The data is not a definitive view but may point the way to areas for further investigation, discussion and debate.

How we display the data:

We display indicators in a range of ways including rates and percentages. Where possible we display a performance category showing relatively worse, better and average performance.

Each of the indicators is paired with an information sheet that gives information about how the indicator is calculated, the period it covers, and issues related to its interpretation.

New GP indicators released to the public (November 2013)

NHS England is publishing data including statistics on unplanned hospitalisations, which can be used as a broad indicator of quality of care in the health system, as shown on the map below.

Map Key:

  • In the best 25% of CCGs
  • In the middle range
  • In the worst 25% of CCGs

This map shows unplanned hospitalisation for 'Chronic ambulatory care sensitive conditions for GP practices' aggregated and displayed by Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG). Click on a CCG to see further information for GPs in that area.


PLEASE NOTE: As javascript is disabled or not available in your browser, you will have to click the update button after you have selected an organisation type



Download this data and take away the raw data. You can reuse it under the Open Government License. Or alternatively use the search tool to find what you are interested in and download a subset.

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This area is under continual development to make it simple to use and easy to understand. We welcome your support, so please email us at indicators@nhschoices.nhs.uk to suggest any improvements or provide any feedback.


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