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Concerns and complaints

If you can’t find the services you need, or they don’t exist in your area, talk to your GP or local NHS organisation responsible for providing services in your area (known as a Clinical Commissioning Group, or CCG).

If you’re unhappy with the treatment or service you receive from your doctor or the NHS, you may want to make a complaint. It will be considered by the NHS organisation or the healthcare professional concerned. They will also reply to the complaint.

You can also make a complaint or raise a concern on behalf of another person, with their permission.

All GPs should have a written complaints procedure, which you can find at the surgery's reception or on its website. Alternatively, you can complain to your local CCG.

Find out how to complain on our page about the NHS complaints procedure.

Every hospital trust and CCG has a Patient Advice and Liaison Service (PALS), which can help you. It’s not part of the complaints procedure itself, but it might be able to resolve your problem informally or tell you more about the complaints procedure.

If you want to hold your local hospital's mental health, public health or social care services to account, you can check how these perform compared to services in other areas. You can also check how well your CCG's services perform.

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rayanlee said on 25 January 2013

As modern life becomes increasingly complicated and consumers are faced with understanding more and more technologies and environments, it can be difficult to know if the user has just misunderstood how a product or service works, or if there is a genuine problem with it. Any good customer service department should be happy to deal with such a customer, in either case. A company needs to know if its products, or the accompanying documentation, are just too complicated for its target consumer market.

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NHS complaints

If you're not happy with the care you've received, you have the right to complain. Find out how