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Prescription costs: make savings

How people with long-term health conditions can save money on prescription costs, including how to claim for free prescriptions and how to buy a prescription charge 'season ticket'

Some people are entitled to free prescriptions because of their age, income or medical condition. You are eligible for free NHS prescriptions if you:

  • are aged 60 or over
  • are aged under 16
  • are aged 16 to 18 and in full-time education
  • have a medical exemption certificate because your condition is on the list, you or your partner are on Income Support, or you can qualify via other benefits or tax credits

To find out if you're eligible for free prescriptions, read about help with health costs.

Save money on your prescription costs

If you can't get free prescriptions, there is another way to save money.

A Prescription Prepayment Certificate (PPC) is a kind of prescription charge season ticket. It covers you for all of your own NHS prescription charges, no matter how many items you need.

The charge for a single prescription is £8.20, whereas a three-month PPC will cost you £29.10 and a 12-month PPC is £104.00. To help spread the cost of a 12-month certificate, you can pay by direct debit with 10 monthly instalments.

It's easy to buy a PPC. You can:

  • buy online – visit GOV.UK for more information
  • phone 0300 330 1341
  • fill in form FP95, which you can get from your pharmacy
  • some pharmacies sell them direct

NHS Low Income Scheme (LIS)

This scheme can help you with NHS costs, including:

  • prescription costs
  • dental treatment
  • eyesight tests and eyecare costs
  • wigs, fabric supports
  • cost of travel to NHS appointments

If you are on a low income, you can get help by visiting the NHS Low Income Scheme website

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NHS Low Income Scheme

If you are on a low income, you may be able to get help with NHS costs through the NHS Low Income Scheme (LIS)

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