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Your NHS guide to long-term conditions and self care

Courses and support

This section contains articles, interactive tools, real-life stories and videos to tell you more about training courses and support networks that can help you live with your condition.

There are lots of confidence-building courses and sources of emotional and practical support around you. It’s just a case of knowing how they can help, where they are, and how you can access them.

Talk to others

Emotional support, especially from friends and family, can help you cope with your condition and feel less isolated.

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Take a course

Training courses can boost your confidence and help you be more in control of your health. Find out more about them and how to book your place.

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Elaine’s real-life story

Elaine Jawien felt lost and anxious after being diagnosed with rheumatoid and osteoarthritis at the age of 37. Joining a self-care group gave her a new lease of life.

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Angie’s real-life story

Angie Usher has fibromyalgia and was told she’d never work again. After going on a confidence-building course, she's better able to manage her symptoms and is working full-time in a job she loves.

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Getting support at work

Telling your boss and colleagues about your condition can have positive results. You can also get advice on your rights at work.
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Other people's stories

Videos and stories about how people live with long-term conditions and manage their own health.

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Search for services

Get help with all aspects of your long-term condition from the NHS in your area

Can I get free therapy or counselling?

Find out whether you can get counselling free on the NHS, and how to access it

Long-term conditions

Living with a long-term condition, including healthcare, medicines and support