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Taylor1980 said on 29 September 2010

My symptoms started when I was 15. Lost loads of weight whilst eating like a horse. It was my optician who diagnosed it as he noticed my eye's starting to bulge. I was sent to the hospital and diagnosed with overactive thyroid and thyroid eye disease. I was on carbimizole for ages but it did nothing. I had 90% of my thyroid removed aged 16, which then left me underactive and on thyroxine for the rest of my life.Had radiotherapy to try and shrink my eye musle but that didn't work. I had eye surgery aged 18 to remove some of the bone from my eye sockets, which sorted them out at last (except for another surgery to correct my eye musles). Since then I have been well controlled on 200mg of thyroxine daily. I did get type 1 diabetes when I was 18, but I'm not sure if this is linked to my thyroid problems. I had my first child in 2007, 5 weeks early, 5lb 6oz , and had to stay in hosp for 12 days as he had a few problems, but is now a normal, happy 3 year old. My medics have been great considering, my doctor has told me I'm her only patient with this condition. This week however I have been having problems with my heart racing and generally feeling tired. Awaiting my blood test results but my doctor thinks it may have gone overactive again, even though I only have 10% left. Has anyone else had a reaccurance like this?