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sirmdolan said on 23 July 2010

i have had symptoms for well over four months and initially thought i had throat cancer so i was extremely concerned about my condition i saw one doctor who basically fobbed me off as though i was some sort of hypochondriac and sent me away i saw a different doctor on the second occasion who i was equally unimpressed with although he did make me an appointment to see an ENT specialist which i attended only to be sent home again by a professional who was also flummoxed and could shed no light on my condition!, During this time it came to light to my doctors receptionist that i had moved house and was no longer in the catchment area so i was to to find another doctors practice ASAP as they would no longer see me any more. I promptly to their advice and found myself a new practice on monday this week 19/7/2010 i went to see my new doctor with the same symptoms blood was taken and i was sent to the hospital for an x-ray, on tuesday i received a phone call from the doctors receptionist asking me to make an appointment as my blood test results were back and the doctor wished to discuss them with me , on wednesday i returned to the doctor and was informed that i had an over-active thyroid .