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Emma Grace said on 19 July 2010

By the way, if anyone wants the name of creams that actually work to ask your GP for, they are as follows. Betnovate and Elocon (strong steroid creams but they are fantastic for clearing up bad break outs). Cetraban is a really good, light emollient that sinks in really quickly and puts loads of moisture in your skin. Dermol is good as it is an antibiotic cream so if you have broken the skin anywhere, the antibiotic will help to clear up any infected areas. You can also get Dermol soap substitute for the shower. Oilatum cream is also really good for extremely dry patches as it is thick and very creamy. Prescribed anti-histamines are good too as they are generally stronger than over the counter ones, and you can get extra strong ones for the night time to stop you itching in your sleep. A few friends have also told me that Aveeno cream is really good as it is oat based, but it's quite expensive so they get it prescribed. You can get all of these on prescription from your GP. And if like me you were spending a fortune on prescriptions, apply for a Pre-Pay Prescription certificate. For £100 (£10 over ten months) you can get as many prescriptions as you like. It saved me an absolute fortune.