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pinga said on 18 July 2010

I had a Mirena fitted a year after having my second child and its honestly the best thing I've ever done. Before that i was on two kinds of medication for heavy and painful periods (mefenamic acid and tranexamic acid) and even then I was still bleeding heavily for 9 days a month. I had anaemia with an hb of around 8 or 9 (very low) and was constantly exhausted and breathless. The first 3 months after I had the Mirena i had a light 4 day bleed and since then nothing at all. I've been wearing white linen trousers all summer!! And far from gaining weight, I've lost a stone, but mostly because I'm not eating loads of chocolate and crisps while on my period and I now have the energy to exercise more, without getting breathless. And lets not forget the obvious contraceptive benefits. But even if you're not having sex, its licenced for use to control menorraghia so if your periods are making your life hell, like mine were, then talk to your GP because it really can help.