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Asharlan said on 09 July 2010

I love the way many people commenting on here keep saying that if contributors say that homeopathy works for them it somehow 'doesn't count'. What do we go to a health practitioner for? If it works!! I've been actively avoiding GPs and seeing a homeopath for 15 years. When I used to see a GP with flu symptoms he would barely look up from his desk before signing off another antibiotics prescription. Within one year of seeing my homeopath my 3 times a year chest infections had stopped. I barely get one cold a year now and it reaches my chest about once every 3 years. I don't care if it's 'placebo'....or whether it has an unexplained scientific basis. IT WORKS far better than a GP was ever able to for me. Saying that 'anecdotes don't count'. What else is there? I don't care if supposedly scientific proof says it 'can't work'. It does!! Get over it. This blind faith in science that won't even let you open your eyes to accepting people's own experiences is sooo incredibly arrogant. I used to take antibiotics at least 3 times a year because of my Dr's inability to cure my illness and lack of interest in even trying. I haven't taken any now in almost 10 years. And yes I'm fully fit and healthy. My homeopath sought to support my healing not to simply suppress my symptoms. And it worked. Deal with it.