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MayasMum said on 15 April 2010

Note to xxkerryxxx I've had a similar experience this wk, my 14 month old started with a heavy cold last Thursday and on Sunday noticed a blister on her tummy, by following day had multiplied to about 10 on tummy an back, took to Dr's who suggested she had gastric flu and said rashes are a common side effect of viruses! Next day spots spread all over body from chest and back to head, fingers and even soles of feet, suspected chicken pox and read online that most rife from March to May, usually starts on chest and back and was also told that the first blister is usually the biggest. Cant for the life of me understand why the Dr couldn't have diagnosed this considering all the classic symptoms, were in the 5th day now, doesnt seem to be itchy but temp still up and down.