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maestro40 said on 15 February 2010

My partner has a severe iron deficiency but we struggle to get serious treatment going through the NHS system. Her symptoms have becoming increasingly alarming rapid heartbeat, dizziness, headaches, pale skin, hair loss, being very tired all the time and sometimes mentally confused. Still, every time she sees a GP they find very easy to blame it on heavy periods and refer her to an Haematologyst. The Haematologist cannot find anything and refer her to a Gynaecologist who also cannot find anything and refer her back to an Haematologist. Months go by and she struggle with her day to day life and our children are suffering because of this. Finally last year she was given a 5 session blood transfusion and after that she felt well for 6 months but since December all the symptoms are back again and actually worst then before. Again she had to go through many appointments with GP and specialists to get referred for a blood transfusion (one session only this time) which will probably fix the problem only for a month or two. My questions are: Can the referral process for getting blood transfusion become faster now that the NHS has a record of her case and can more detailed exams be carried out to find out the source of her problem? She could have internal bleeding caused by ulcers or at the worst cancer and if that is not going to kill her a heart attack will because she is continually out of breath which for a lean and active woman age 38 is not normal. We would appreciate your advice as life has been hell for the last 3 years and we don't seem to be taken seriously by the GP's in our surgery. Faithfully Maurizio