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malik17 said on 22 January 2010

Hi everyone, i hav also sufferd eczema since i was a baby and i am now 17, i am sick and tired of my exzema, it stops me from doing a lot of things, i cant be botherd going to college, cant be botherd to do my coursework, cant be botherd going out, stops me from doing house work e.t.c. i have very bad severe exzema on my legs from my feet to my thighs, my full arms and my hands, some times it can appear on my eyes and my neck!!! its not worth to suffer like this i know how it feels!! but ive got a soloution and it will work after about 3 weeks, because i have tried it my self and i will guarantee you that your exzema will go away will amazing results, you will have to ask your doctor to perscribe the medicnes which are, Ichthopaste bandages, green line stocking which is for the arms and blue line stocking which is for the legs, the Ichthopaste bandages which is brown you will have to wrap it round where your exzema is, and then on top of that if it is your arms that you have hwrapped then use te white green line stocking to put it on top of the Ichthopaste bandags, and same for the legs but you use the blue line white stocking, please try this for two weeks and change your bandages every 2 days and have a shower too when you take them off!! just also remember when putting bandages on you have too put loads and loads of exzema cream on your affected areas, you can get exzema cream which is also called- epaderm cream, ask your doctor too for this!! you will see clean frsh results in 3 weeks, my exezma has gone so better and i hardly scratch like hell, i can move more and do more to!! please talk to me if you need any hep!!!! thnks!! gud luk!!!