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Christy1 said on 04 September 2009

I have had eczema since I was born and now at 22 I go through phases but am aware of pretty much everything that sets it off anf have some tips: - No matter what try try try not to scratch..I know it can be so hard and is uncomfortable, sometimes if it is really hot and itchy it is good to put a cold glass on the skin - Only where 100% cotton otherwise the skin cannot breath and the sweat itches like mad - avoid trigger foods, especially not too much wheat and tomatoes (for me I notice around my mouth gets itchy after I eat them) - Don't shower every day and apply a thick layer of moisturiser everywhere after showering and let it soak in for 10mins (I like cocoa butter) - Also if it is on your hands and feet I would recommend wearing two socks on each foot in bed and filling them with a good moisturiser, I do this alot! I've heard people do it with gloves too. You wake up with smooth feet - Swimming in the sea and the sun really helps, also hair skin and nails vitamin tablets help - Oh and don't use too much soap - I only use on armpits where it wont dry it out too much On skin that gets sweaty I find it doesn't heal until it has dried out, try wearing really light cotton clothes that don't rub until the skin heals and then keep it moisturised