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katielouxx said on 12 January 2013

Woke up yesterday at 6.15am to get ready for work but instantly felt nauseous. Within 2 minutes, I was running for the toilet to be sick. I was vomiting every 5-10 minutes for at least 2 hours but having sips of orange squash (as water tasted foul) in between. After 2 hours, I was vomiting every 20 minutes and this lasted for a few hours. By this point, I also had agonising pain in my abdomen, ribs (front and back) and my lower back. Then, as if things couldn't get any worse, the dreaded diarrhoea started! It was like niagra falls!! ... oh and I forgot to mention the hot and cold sweats! Day 2 and im feeling nauseous, not able to look at food, still have abdominal pain but have no sickness or diarrhoea.