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xxArabellaRosexx said on 11 January 2013

I am a seventeen year old female and this is the worst sickness bug I have ever experienced. I started with chronic diarrhea and vomiting aat five thirty am on the sixteenth of october which continued until four pm. I tried to make my way downstairs for water and collapsed on the kitchen floor. I made my way to the telephone in the hallway to ring my parents and had uncontrollable diarrhea on the spot followed by vomitting. I blacked out again for fifteen seconds then propped myself against the wall and waited for help. I was then admitted to hospital and put on a drip over night for dehydration. I have went from seven stone and a half to six stone four pounds. It is now three months later and I am still suffering from nausea and my stomach has never been the same since the episode. Anyone that has it please stay indoors and wash hands thorougly. Think of others!! My body could not cope with another episode.