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Fred Hall said on 03 January 2013

I am a regular Church goer and run a Pensioners Young at Heart. This keeps me in touch with many widows who need jobs doing that normally a Husband would do. This proves to me that it is more expensive to be a widow than to be a widower. I am now in my 80.s. and mentally very alert. My magazine is The New Scientist and I am multi skilled. I have worked all over the world and on Foreign ships I worked on Instrumentation at Jodrel Bank and found that the Great Man Himself went to Church and played the Church Organ. I write in 3 Parish magazines each month but not Theology. I am happy with most Science including Darwin. Most of the people I meet in my Anglican Church are quite normal and have no hang ups that I know of. Usual motley sort of people. Critics usually do not go to Church but want reassurance for their Agnosticism. I observe the deficiences of the Secular Society. Fred Hall