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laura gabriel said on 01 January 2013

. . . Pt 2 So also - after you recover you might poo pale poo for a while which is due to malabsoption in your guts due to the virus killing off your vili. For me the heavy duty symptoms lasted a week but I spent some of that time (Christmas Eve/Day/Boxing Day) at my parents with my partner and brother and bro's girlfriend and we managed to prevent it from spreading by obsessively hand-washing and covering our mouths a lot! Try not to touch your face. The virus is in your vomit and poo so you won't spread it from sweat or snot! But face touching is still dangerous. And the main thing is just to say that this is a really severe and intense illness and it might affect you for a couple of weeks even if the initial symptoms pass in a matter of hours so look after yourself and take it easy! Good luck if you're going through it now xxx