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anne123456 said on 31 December 2012

11 days of horror nausea - no vomiting or diarrhoea. Don't think i had norovirus but some other horror virus but I am just finally on the mend after 11 days of horrible retching nausea but not vomiting or diaorrhea. Day 6 was Xmas day and I finally went to see a medical centre - then went to A&E on boxing day twice. Finally given stematil (Prochlorperazine 5mg) to help settle nausea / dizziness (although I had no dizziness) and Metoclopramide (10mg) which I took at 4 hour intervals - i.e. one then the other - which was able to settle the nausea down so I could begin eating again. Still feel very weak but finally on the mend. Horrible frightening experience.