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gemmarenz said on 30 December 2012

hi my 5yr daughter woke me up about 6.30 on the 29th saying she had a headache and felt sick she also had a slight temp! i gave her calpol and put her back to bed...when she woke back up she wasnt complaining of feeling sick just a bad headache.I fed her some crumpets and thought if she has this virus it will show surely she would be in pain from the food and need to be sick or atleast diarrea but nothing. She has since been very tired and quite lethergic today she seemed to be feeling better but had went toilette and the stools where quite runny after this she slept for around 2hrs,,,in the last 2days she has only eaten 3bread rolls and 1 crumpet. i had kept her as hydrated as i can with small sips of lemonade and water,,,im just concerd as to how long this is going to last as she hasnt had any sickness as of yet but is now complaining of stomach pain! does this sound like any symptoms anyone eles has had? thanks