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westoflondon said on 29 December 2012

Was not sure if I had this or food poisoning tbh, but after reading comments in here I am now sure I have had this nasty virus. I suffered earlier on in the year as I work at a school and it is a hot bed for illness. Back then I had the full bout both ends so to speak. This time was slightly different. Christmas day evening felt bloated and had very bad stomach pains which was the worst I have ever felt. Soon after I was sick every 15 mins or so for about 12-15 hours.No diarrhea at all but extreme acid from the start with headache for 48 hours or so followed by aches, back pain, small bouts of nausea where I could not even think of food! I am aiming to leave my house tomorrow as I have not been sick for over 48 hours and feel much better. It has kept my house bound for 4 days and I have felt like I have been beat up badly! My advice is like a lot on here, just keep trying to get fluids in, anything as the dehydration can keep you feeling ill for longer for sure, this I know from past experiences with this horrible virus. Has ruined my christmas but I wish all who have suffered with this a speedy recovery and a happy new year.