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MyDai329 said on 28 December 2012

I don't and never have done "sick" just plod along and all sniffles and colds go after a day or two. This however is a different beast altogether. I have never ever in my life been so ill. Headache constant coughing to the point where my ribs and chest now feel like I've done 20 rounds with Tyson. This is how it has manifested in my case: Day 1: very sore throat, acid flux and the start of a cough Day 2: Severe coughing, headache from hell, stomach cramps, vomiting and diarrhea. Unable to keep anything down, even water. Day 3: Severe headache, coughing, lethargy and aching in ribs, upper back and stomach. Some vomiting Day 4: (today) Still no energy, still unable to keep food down. Headache coughing and blocked nose. As a family we were all working over Christmas, so our Christmas is this weekend. I hope that the symptoms dissipate now over the course of today and our weekend isn't spoiled. I truly wouldn't wish this on my worst enemy. It is terrible and for the vulnerable, life threatening.