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survivor2010 said on 27 December 2012

I went to bed at 2am yesterday, absolutely fine.. And woke up 4am feeling really quite sick but just thought it was because I had gone to bed late. Less than 30 mins later, was rolling in bed in agony from severe cramping. I thought to myself that if I got up and moved around, then I'd vomit. But just lying there, it wouldn't help and I'd be sick in the end. I sat upright and within 20 seconds, I was puking my guts up. Started off pretty lightly but started getting very violent. I felt a little better, went back to bed and was up every 30 mins puking until 9am. Slept for about an hour, and then the diarrhoea kicked in. OMG. Never in my life have I experienced such a horrifying experience of diarrhoea.This continued until about 5pm.. 12 hours later from when it started, I felt absolutely fine except really weak, lightheaded and had a headache. I really think that the only thing that helped me get over this bug quickly was the fact that I kept drinking gallons on water in-between vomiting and diarrhoea bouts. Word of advice: even if feeling a lot better, don't eat until at least 24 hours later. It'll just make you feel better. Cordial/squash helps because it has little amounts of sugar. Also, just remember it is NOT forever!! KEEP telling yourself that the worst will be over with soon. If in desperate need of help, ring nhs direct. I went off to sleep and woke up today, and everybody has caught this nasty bug in the house!! I have never had this bug before and wouldn't wish this on anybody. Just want to thank everyone for sharing their stories on here, because it helped me when I was at my worst so that's why I thought I'd post mine.