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Pluckyfilly said on 26 December 2012

I have been feeling unwell for 10 days now but without any sickness I asked my GP if this could be the Noro Virus and she says not as I have not been sick I started with what I thought was indigestion, diarrhea followed and a feeling of weakness, I am watching what I eat - little and often I am diabetic type 2 drinking plenty, we have done a stool test and various blood tests I get the result tomorrow. My dr is putting me forward for colonoscopy within 2 weeks but I still think this could be N.V. I did at one point and still have moments of fear in case it's the big C - I have felt faint and thought at one point I would be sick I have no energy and peppermint has helped what I thought thought to be indigestion. I have tried to think of a reason for how I feel but nothing makes sense and no two days are the same I get one reasonable day and one bad day, today not good but yesterday not bad, when I feel good I am good and when I feel bad I feel horrid and that's it in a nutshell but whatever is bothering me I hope it improves sooner than soon.