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Actuary_student1991 said on 23 December 2012

I certainly would not wish this virus upon even my worst enemy. By far, I would prefer to have a broken leg instead of this. My symptoms started on Wednesday and it was like a funny twisty feeling in my stomach. However, I ignored this assuming that it might just be that time of the month. The following day, the pain persisted. That is when I knew something was wrong. My case is very different I have only vomited once, but the diarrhea I have been experiencing is the worst I have ever had in my entire life. The endless trips to the toilets have become like a walk to the gallows. And I try and fight myself not to go, as it has become like an electric chair. I lost appetite, however kept myself very hydrated. In the past two days I have only had 3 pieces of dry toast and two bananas. My advice to anyone who is experiencing symptoms, brace yourself. I am a grown woman and was reduced to tears by this virus. Drink as much water as you can, for the headaches, take paracetamol, get plenty of rest and sleep. I have had it know for 3 and a half days. I am hoping that it would have cleared by christmas. And if it has not, I refuse to be on a dry toast and water diet. I am going to feast and enjoy my christmas, will deal with the repercussions of that on Boxing day. My mother, bless her cotton socks fed me today because I was out of energy that I could no longer even stand straight.