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Heatherfarmer30 said on 23 December 2012

I've had this bug in oct 2010 and again two days ago !! This time around i had the sickness for 3 hours in the early hours, and dirreha for over 18 hours!! I starved myself and only drunk boiled cooled water!! On the night time I had a cracker!! Went to loo before bed and had diareah again!! So took some well known medication!! And finally stopped being bad!! Next morning I felt really bad but had water and a cracker! Which made it worse, but by. 9-10 I had a round of toast and it made me so much better! And had a sandwhich at dinner!! So if you don't feel like eating I would try to if you can!! Luckily I was bad for 18 hours, and recovered after 48!! Hope every body else gets better and doesn't spoil your Christmas xx