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mikeej said on 22 December 2012

This thing is horrible, i came down with it last sunday. Started with light diarrhea in the morning then by 7pm i started feeling really sick. Vomiting commenced, had me up all night although it was only about 3 rounds of 3. The next day i still had the runs and was really achey like i had flu. 48 hrs later started feeling lots better only to start going down hill again pretty soon after. Started getting the shivers again and light sick feeling. Diarrhea has stopped and i'm not actually being sick anymore but 6 days on and i still feel awful i'm just eating crackers and nuts, drinking lots of water but i feel like i'm going to be sick all the time even though i haven't since day 1/2. I'm craving a bacon sandwich or a cheese toastie but i know it won't be a good ending if i have anything like that. I'm drinking plenty of water. I can't see what else i can do yet it just won't pass. I just hope i'm going to feel better for christmas day and i can finally eat properly. I've barely eaten anything in 6 days now.