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cestlavie said on 14 December 2012

This bug really is just nasty! It creeps up on you unexpected. Wednesday, I had a very busy day and went out for a meal in the evening. Had these funny stomach cramps afterwards and thought I had indigestion. Around 4am I awoke to feeling really nauseas and really dizzy. I kept trying to sleep until 7am, I had to rush to the bathroom to be violently sick. I went back to bed feeling shivery and almost drunk feeling. In the morning I felt just as bad and remembered I had had diarrhoea the previous day around lunchtime, so it must have been connected. I then couldn't eat for entire day and kept needing to sleep cos If i stood up i'd feel faint and sick. Kept experiencing sweats and chills. Its only friday, I still have shooting pains in my stomach and have thankfully not got bouts of diarrhoea so far (fingers crossed). But I literally felt like I had been beaten up to a pulp. Do not remember feeling this ill in years! Good news - What does help once the worst is over around 24 hours later, flat full fat coca cola and ready salted crisps and peppermint tea, which my GP recommended. No dairy or fruit as this causes acid. Just remember to ride it out and you will get better! Even though it feels like it's going on for years.