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jan50 said on 24 November 2012

Just recovering from this bug. My god its nasty. Started Tuesday morning. 7am I was fine then by 8.30am I was back in bed. The sudden onset of very bad diarraeah. This went on with more than 30 trips to the loo by 6pm then the sickness started - projectile. Shivers then sweats feeling like passing out,lying in bed with fleece jamas on and quilt over me. I didn't get up then until the following night around 6.30 for about an hour. Vomiting for the one night. Diarreah until thursday mid day. This has just left feeling very tired now with the main problem chronic heartburn from the acid in stomach from not eating for 3 days. So will be trying some of the recommendations on here. So far stayed off milk. Mainly eating soup poured over baked potatoe but not eateng the skin. Jelly. Bio Yoghurt. Peppermint tea. Water Water Water. All the best to anyone suffering.