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Aisyrk said on 23 November 2012

Just recovering from this now; having read the other comments, I suppose I'm 'lucky' in that the V&D only lasted for one day for me. I was absolutely fine at work the day before, developed a slight stomach ache in the evening, but though no more of it and went to bed. Then, woke up suddenly at ten past 3 with horrendous stomach cramps and the urgent need to vomit. After a while spent writhing on the bathroom floor, I managed to grab a bucket and crawl back to bed. The next 24 hours were spent drifting in and out of consciousness, with sudden dashes to the loo with diarrhoea. I could barely drink, let alone eat, was feverish, achy and almost hallucinating, writhing about in my bed with cramps and generally feeling like death! I have to say, NHS Direct were absolutely great when I called them; sensible advice and a friendly voice when I needed it. I feel like I've started to turn the corner with this now, touch wood; I managed to keep a bowl of tomato soup down today! I can wholeheartedly recommend peppermint tea & honey to sip on, too. Just try and drink a bit, even if it's just sips. Good luck to anyone else with this; no matter how horrendous it feels, it will pass, I promise!