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Juliusv said on 23 November 2012

Just wanted to chip in with my experience. Mainly because its almost 3am and I can't sleep due to this horrendous virus! Like another commenter, did a full day at work on wed, felt lousy going home, then it hit me! Worst I've felt in a long time. Keep retching despite no food in stomach to bring up. Not even going to talk about the other thing!! I glugged lots of cold water at first but it wouldn't stay down. Suggest warming water a bit before drinking. Also have kept warm Orange juice, sipped slowly, down. Worried for my flatmate so trying to keep everything clean. Using no water antibacterial gel before touching things etc. Up to almost 36 hrs now and no end in sight. Feel extremely sorry for myself so sympathies to the rest of you with this hideous illness!