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midlandsmike said on 14 November 2012

Sympathies to all. Started with stomach pains that got worse over 2 hours until finally, at 4am, I realised the inevitable. Cue 20 hours of vomiting every 30 minutes (no joking) as well as diarrohoea. I could not stop being sick. However, as it seemed to never end, I read to only drink water in small sips and only 5+ minutes after you've been sick. I tried this and the sickness stopped quickly. Maybe it helped, or maybe the sickness would have stopped anyway. Now, 3 days later I still feel awful. Eating is a struggle, feel queasy and stomach pains/gut ache. Even spending 5-10 minutes out of bed is exhausting and making me feel a lot worse. Just looking forward to finally getting better and hopefully never experiencing this again - but how many more days? :( Living alone has been hell so far with this. Has anyone been fine 2 days after it started like the article indicates? Sounds farcical given the comments here... on the 2nd day it was all I could do to find the phone to call work...