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2kidsandacat said on 12 November 2012

Had both my flu and WC jabs today, I'm 29 weeks. I can understand some of your concerns, especially those exposed to whooping cough before or after the 28-38 week window. As if we don't have enough to worry about as it is. I found my Nurse Practitioner very good, there are no cases within my borough at the moment and I checked out with her that the cough I've developed over the last couple of days is just a standard cough and not the onset of WC, as I was concerned that if it was would I still be able to have the vaccine and what treatment was available (if any). She understood the fears of pregnant women using a vaccine that obviously hasn't been trialled and explained that they use the same vaccine that they use on babies, so there's no reason to think that it's going to be unsafe on our unborn babies. For myself, I'm not worried about it being unsafe and would be more worried if I failed to have the vaccine and then my baby suffered as a result. I was worried over the swine flu a few years back and when I had my son immunised I was worried, but these fears proved unfounded, so I'm putting my trust in the people who make the decisions that these vaccines are safe. It's an individual choice. I'm shocked at the ladies who have experienced either a lack of knowledge from their GP surgery, or a lack of availability of the vaccine. Maybe contacting either the midwife or the hospital maternity unit could answer your concerns. Wishing you and your babies the very best x