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GillKild said on 09 November 2012

My 90 year old mother lives on her own in S. Croydon. She has been trying to arrange a flu jab for weeks, Each time only to be told there was a waiting list, as they had run out of the vaccine. I am picking her up this weekend and bringing her home with me to Derbyshire for a week. We are both worried that she has not had the vaccine, particularly as she does not go out or mix with people that often. I thought as she could not get the flu jab at her surgery, i would try mine. I was told that would not be possible as it would mean one of their patients going without. This seems ludicrous to me. I received my jab (i have a chronic illness) over a month ago with no problem. We have been told there has been a drop in the number of people taking the vaccine. What is the problem? Do we really care that little about the welfare of our most senior citizens? Does it come down to a funding issue? Well, I suppose so, but we have been led to believe there is a glut of the vaccine out there as people are not taking it. People's lives are potentially being put at risk here.