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JenShadow said on 29 October 2012

The norovirus started on Friday with feeling bloated & tender, then I suddenly felt dizzy and this 'wave' come over me... yup, nausea. I then had very violent vomiting for 2 days and horrendous diahrroea for most of that time. I think I got 4 hours sleep in about 48 hours, you can't think, can't rest, can't watch tv - it dominates your body, with really bad chills and sweats. Worst few days of my life. I had the same virus 2 years ago - but I wasn't on immune suppressant drugs then, and this time it was much much worse. I must take 10+ medications a day and I couldn't keep them down. If this is you, please bear this in mind! In the end, I screamed for help, & NHS direct and the on call GP were superb. Don't be frightened to shout for help, especially if you live alone.... good recommendations for recovery: tinned pears are great for rehydration, probiotic yoghurts also replace some of the damage. It is scary, you do think you're going to die and you think it'll never end, but it does... if this is you too, hang on in there.