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asteria said on 23 October 2012

From personal experience of homeopathic treatment, I can say only that it worked for me. My practitioner was professional and totally dedicated to helping patients in her care in the Oncology Department of our local hospital. Part of my cure was 'talking therapy' as I found her extremely approachable and importantly, she had time for me. All I would say is ' don't knock it if you haven't tried it'.' Closed minds and cut budgets have no doubt removed the invaluable service from Cancer patients now. Homeopathic treatments are given in such small doses that they are safe to take with chemo or radio therapy. If, as research suggests, that a person with cancer suffers less if taking homeopathic remedies it costs the NHS kess than more expensive therapies or even prevents, in some cases, expensive hospitalisation. Money in the NHS is wasted on a daily basis by administrators and politicians, not by patients!