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BrianJones said on 21 October 2012

This topic has had a place-holder page for months - when will it give clear and useful advice? The report from the link makes clear the overwhelming mass of evidence that homeopathy just doesn't work - but it won't be read by most people who visit this page. A young woman I know, one of the nicest people you could meet, has become ill during the long time that this page has ducked its responsibility to give clear and reliable advice. She was persuaded to rely on homeopathy - it is no surprise that this was of absolutely no help and that over the months she has become seriously ill. Earlier she could have been helped relatively simply by effective treatment. Instead she is suffering badly, and her future health and chances in life are seriously in doubt. She is my daughter, and she might die as a result of this. Please please please NHS Choices, get clear and unambiguous evidence-based advice onto this page as soon as possible (that's what it's for), and don't contribute to more families suffering in this harrowing way. Brian Jones