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Smints83 said on 13 October 2012

I am 36.4 weeks pregnant. I was suffering with a cough similar to whooping cough symptoms since the start of my second trimester and even with 2 courses of antibiotics and it getting much better I still have a cough now. The GP has told me that whopping cough is very rare and it is unlikely to be that but no blood test was taken even when i requested it. I have now had the whooping cough & flu vaccine 3 days ago. Since then I have felt knocked out extremely tired with joints hurting. My arm was sore but is starting to feel better. My baby is moving and kicking around so I am taking that as a good sign but obviously anxious after deciding to take the advice of GP and mid wife to have both shots. I just hope that it won’t be one of those situations that will pop up in the news in a few years about the side effects, although after how ill I was with the cough back in July I couldn't live with myself if my little one caught whooping cough and I could have done something to prevent it - especially with the risk of death on top.