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caroline64 said on 07 October 2012

Common sense really: why is the intention to use a triple vaccine only mentioned way down in th einfo above??? Surely KISS applies and if the risk is deemed worth it (giving a vaccination during pregnancy that is) it ought to be the simplest possible action? The reason that the single vaccine for Pertussis (and Rubella) are 'not available' is that they long ago went out of licence and are now generic drugs that anyone can manufacture - hence they are not at all profitable compared to the recent triple vaccines that are licensed only to the pharmaceutical company! Now others may disagree but I am alarmed by profits dictating policy and via NHS civil servants who (if more of them were scientists perhaps) might make better decisions... Strange too that they are not pushing for women planning to become pregnant to have a course of the triple vaccine to boost their (and their baby's) protection? With a teenage daughter this is all back opn my agenda with a vengeance!