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Liz299 said on 16 September 2012

My husband recently received a letter from our GP Practice notifying him that the doctor he is currently registered with is over-subscribed and he will be moved to the list of another doctor. My husband has been registered at the practice for only 1 year and has not yet even met his doctor so has no preference. However, the letter went on to say that all family members registered at the same address will also be moved. The doctor we are being moved from has been my family doctor for over 30 years and we have a trusting relationship on a professional and personal level. When I rang to ask for re-consideration, I was clearly told (and this is stated in the letter received) that the decision will not be reviewed under any circumstances and that I was moved solely because of my relationship to my husband. This is discriminatory. Where is the freedom of choice that the NHS keeps going on about? Not since Victorian times have we had to follow in the footsteps and directions of our husband's yet I am now being told that because my husband is being moved, I must be moved too. The NHS guidelines clearly state that there is no need for families to be registered with the same GP - so why is my practice insisting on this? The Practice need to read the NHS Values and in particular the 'working together for patients' section which states " We put the needs of patients and communities before organisational boundaries." How is this meeting my needs? My doctor was not over-subscribed when I registered with him over thirty years ago - in fact, I was one of his first patients registered.