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AndrewD said on 17 July 2012

I was diagniosed with apnea a little more than a year ago. In the run-up I had been catching lots of colds, was constantly exhausted and falling asleep all over the place. After being given a cpap machine I lay down to try it out with a nap and slept 10 hours awaking incredibly refreshed. Its a nuisance but does the job with no need for drugs. Having lived with apnea for a while now I realise that I have a heavy double chin that presses down on my throat and is likely the cause of the problem, but you need to be getting good rest to have the energy to lose the necessary weight,. Cpap is an effective remedy while you work on the weight. I got a very small mask that is effectively just a bulb that sits under the nose. I wodul recommend this to anyone as an alternative to the face or nose mask, if you find it uncomfortable.