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Julie Shrive said on 09 July 2012

My health & safety are at risk as I have spina bifida occulta the so called mild form I experience otherwise.  Is medicine an exact science? The NHS neglect the need  for  appropriate assistance & procedure  as cannot cure eg: my utis 3 weekly which go out of control if left too long then have excrutiating pain & near paralysis ignored by Nurses, physios  & Doctors on remits running A&E Depts & GP surgeries  not testing. This can be cured in hours if adjust the already prescribed uti medication but GP refuses to acknowledge & provide diagnosis giving me medication that doesn't work using fact have normal amount of arthritus to hoodwink likewise specialist says not his remit when A&E deferred to him. ignoring disability found because of this - spina bifida occulta. . I have already had sudden cardiac arrest when crucial evidence including stroke symptons  ignored by A&E specialists & GPs for 2 years prior saying they were rationing. This would not be happening if NHS Constittion was followed & GPs still had to do the hippocratic oath rather than defer to a corporate contract.Of course they are no longer to be found. Surely this stress is not good on my fibrillation - unstable heart caused because of this inappropriate care . If I had a social worker this would not be happening . Or would it?