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taxpayersfundedem said on 07 June 2012

I'm afraid I was slightly irked by LesleyKemp's anger (expressed below) at being charged £204, speaking as someone who ended up paying about £700 per crown for a good many whilst living off a research award a few years back with no option but to go privately. I needed extensive treatment admittedly, but have so far paid over £13000 in total and a few of my lower teeth are still in need of crowns. What was more than slightly concerning was the insistence before discussing treatment options by many private dentists on having a full check-up (at a cost of over £100) including pan-oral x-rays (as I believe they're termed) despite their having no knowledge of the radiation dose my head had already recently received. Having studied radiation dosimetry to a postgraduate level I know this is potentially dangerous (that wasn't what my research award was funding, incidentally - that was for a doctorate in something else). Anyway, now that I've paid a sufficiently extortionate amount already and am currently unemployed, if I insist that my local NHS dentist (assuming I can find one) crowns - say - four molars with metal (NHS) crowns and he or she attempts to charge me more than £209, how should I go about taking legal action against them? Informed responses would be greatly appreciated!