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natalie2012 said on 29 May 2012

hi, im a 26 yr old with a 7yr daughter, i ovulated on either the 26th may or the 27th, i am unsure as i have two ovulation calenders on my phone and they give 2 different dates. i had intercourse on the 25th, 26th and the 28th. for the last 2 days ive felt sick 1 min and the fine the next, my stomach does not feel normal even though ive been eating fine. ive been on folic acid for just over two weeks nearly 3 and i felt perfectly fine last week. i would like to find out that i am pregnant but at the moment im worrying myself silly with "what if". if any body has been though what im goin though now please give me some advice and reply as i need some good news atm but no time wasters please.