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phia said on 10 April 2012

after 7 weeks of suffering whooping cough, countless visits to the doctor 2 chest x rays a course of antibiotics I am my wits end. My doctor has given me atrovent inhaler plus phenergan to try to supress the cough but nothing really works. Mr cough is worse at night,at first I was coughing persistently for up to eight hours with only enough time inbetween to catch my breath,I also cough up stick white mucus.Now despite the inhaler and th phenergan I am still coughing up to four hours at night . It starts almost as soon as I lie down with a wheeze in my throat then a rattle and I cough three or four times then the white mucus comes up , I have a couple of seconds and the next bout starts. As soon as I get out of bed and sit up it stops. I am completely exausted and am at rock bottom. I dread going to bed and cant see when I will be able to return to work is