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PWS Parent said on 10 April 2012

My learning and physically disabled daughter had a mental health crisis caused by her genetic condition and I sought help in A+E .It was on her 18th birthday, and she thought she was dead/could see dead people/didn't recognize me.We were there for 6 hours and were sent away without help of any sort. Staff told me to take her to the GP surgery to get a sleeping tablet, as she hadn't slept in 5 days.When we got to the GP's , I was nearly whimpering myself. How can it be possible for NHS staff to be so cruel? They said that the A+E didn't have the medicines to treat my daughter .When we have accessed emergency care for a broken leg and other ,more serious physical problems, they were kindness itself. It was then that I realised just how dire the mental health services in the NHS were.We now have a 5 minute visit to a psych: every 6 months to check her medicine is working and she has her genetic psychosis under control-and is the happy person she used to be -thanks to our GP.